Brazil Property Investment

Why choose an investment property in Brazil?

Brazil is a BRIC nation, one of the four largest and fastest growing in the world economies. The future economic potential of Brazil is generating interest in property for sale in Brazil from real estate investors who understand the benefits of investing in one of Brazil´s rapidly rising asset classes. Investors buying properties in Brazil today, view this as an opportunity to buy low and capitalise on future appreciation in the Brazil property market. Interest in Brazilian real estate is focussed around the tourist resorts developing along Brazil´s northern coastline. Property in Natal in Rio Grande do Norte state is known as Brazil´s Sun City and along with Bahia and the resort of Fortaleza in Ceara state are major tourist hubs and the holiday destinations of the future. As Brazil still remains an emerging market for second home buyers, the lack of quality developments ensure demand remains high.

As Latin America´s economic powerhouse, the Brazilian economy is expected to grow nearly 6% in 2010 as it attracts record levels of foreign direct investment, a key barometer of economic confidence in Brazil. Domestic consumption plays a significant role in GDP, Brazilian property development opportunities arising from government program promoting home ownership continue to attract initial investors as local residents seek to buy a home in Brazil for the first time. Brazil´s cities are centres for more jobs and industry income production so naturally property for sale in Sao Paulo city and Rio de Janeiro are real estate investments aimed at fulfilling domestic consumer demand for local housing in desirable neighbourhoods. According to experts, Brazil’s real estate market, already buoyed by lower interest rates, a rising middle class and an uptick in public housing investment is among the sectors that stand to benefit most from continued economic growth. The outlook for a property investment in Brazil is positive, an emerging world leader with long term growth prospects, it is one of the world´s real estate markets best placed for future capital appreciation.