Fortaleza Property Investment

There is an all year round rental possibility thanks to the fantastic temperature, averaging 27% all year round. Brazil experiences summer when Europe experiences winter, meaning Brazil offers rental possibilities to both indigenous tourists and also international tourists. 40% of indigenous tourism visits this region of Brazil.

The resale possibilities are very strong, with the current housing shortage in the city of Fortaleza reaching about 7000 properties, this is due to massive employment potential in the tourism sector, which makes this a very interesting opportunity for any investor searching for year-round returns.

Most visitors are amazed when they first reach the golden shores of Flexeiras, with 97% of visitors returning. Flexeiras is situated in the state of Ceara, it has a hugely diverse landscape and is very popular with kite-surfers, as it is considered one of the best locations in the world for it. The beaches of Flexeiras were featured in the Washington Post "Best beaches in the world" competition.