Introduction To Moving Abroad

It is a big decision to move abroad to Brazil. There are so many things to think of and plan for. There is often little time to get everything done before heading to your new home. You need to get the moving services arranged and yourself packed up and ready to go here is some advice for you.

In the midst of all the preparations, it can be overwhelming to try to pack as well. In this article you will find a few simple tips that will help you pack like a pro (worth thinking about professional moving boxes) and ensure your move goes smoothly.

1) Evaluate - When moving countries, it can be a big temptation to bring as many things from home as you can. This is not always wise, however. In many places, it is actually wiser to buy new goods when there. Conducting a yard sale can give you some needed money to purchase such things when you arrive.

When it comes to family heirlooms and items of significance to your life, you need to decide if you want to risk transporting them to your new home. It might be better to leave some things in a storage unit or at your parent's house.

Once you have evaluated your things, and decided what needs to go and what can stay, you can actually begin packing.

2) Consolidate - To save shipping and luggage costs, it is best to try to fit everything into the least amount of boxes possible. This may seem difficult at first, but can be accomplished by doing the following things:

  • Take Things Apart - Long or oddly shaped things can be made to fit in smaller boxes if they are reduced to two or more pieces.
  • Remove Packaging - Bulky packaging takes up a lot of space. Remove small items from their plastic and tuck them into empty spaces in the box.
  • Nesting - Small figurines can be wrapped in newspaper and tucked into vases. Bowls can be stacked with sheets of paper between them. Do what you can to maximise every bit of space in every box.

3) Prepare - Brazil inspects all incoming boxes before allowing them to be delivered. Make sure you are not importing anything illegal. Keep your valuables close to you. Always be prepared to declare what is in every box. Careful labelling can help you a lot in this area.

By keeping these three things in mind while you pack, you can eliminate many of the hassles of packing and moving abroad.